Building A Computer To Play The Latest Games

Gaming on computers is slowly gaining traction again as an alternative to consoles. Although it had fallen a little out of favour in the past few years, the high price of consoles, lack of retro-compatibility with older titles, costly subscription fees to play online and even high retail prices for the newest AAA games have driven a lot of console gamers to consider the PC as an alternative to play the favourite titles with even better graphics.Unlike a console, however, computers can have wildly varying specs. One machine may not even be able to boot up a game, while another one may be able to play anything you want with maxed graphic details. What separates machines from one another is their hardware, namely the processor, graphics card, RAM, hard disk and other components like the power supply and motherboard.When building a gaming PC, it is important to understand that spending more on certain parts may be the difference between being able to play your games with smooth framerates and having to contend with stuttering, lag and even inability to straight up launch your games. In certain situations, it may be worth to save some money on costly gaming computer cases to get better components as listed below:

Graphics Card
No matter what people might tell you, the graphics card is the single most important component for a gaming computer, and not the processor as some might suggest to you. The reason for this is simple: games need a dedicated graphic card to process all the geometry and textures that appear in a particular game. As long as you have a midrange processor, you should spend most of your budget to get the best possible graphics card. There is a point of diminishing returns, so check reviews to see which graphic card is the best for playing at your monitor’s native resolution.

If you are strictly using your computer to play games, avoid buying the most expensive processors out there: they will hardly give you any performance increase when compared to cheaper alternatives, especially if the game itself is coded poorly and cannot take advantage of high core counts. Any processor would be fine for your gaming computer as long as it doesn’t bottleneck your graphics card.

Storage Drive
It is worth mentioning to buy an SSD over an HDD for the huge speed increase you will get. SSDs are great for installing your operating system as well as games (for which you will see an improvement in loading times). You can use a high capacity HDD as your secondary storage drive, but using an SSD as your primary should now be considered a priority.

Buy a decent PC case that has a lot of room and cooling fans to keep temperatures of your components low. This is important if you plan on overclocking in future. You can even buy a case that supports water cooling blocks if you intend to use at some point later on.

Using a controller is a lot better to enjoy your games like you do on your consoles. Keyboard and mouse may come in handy for FPS games, but you will see that driving a car with a controller is a much better experience. For more information, please log on to