Stones Have Different Types With So Many Uses

When we see a rock we consider it a waste or a thing which is useless but we never realize that it is the rock which use in so many things in our live, which can’t be considered as rock but they all are rocks when a rock cut and transform that become a stone that we are ready to pay whatever the amount of it, that’s because we don’t realize in the beginning that it’s a waste piece which we might throw, pebbles are the best example for it, they use as a garden supplies which very high in prices and use for decoration purpose after being cleaned and wash, they are found in the bottom of the ocean. But people call it pebbles not stones or rocks but the fact is they are also stones, which are just in beautiful shape people use it for so many reasons some use to paint on them as well. 

Another well know stone is sand stone so many people use it on the walls because they are best in sunny areas and they keep the house away from hotness and there will be no burning, in so many places these stones is being used but people are mostly unaware about that, due to similarity  with the marbles but a bit weak in quality as compare to marbles, they come in different colors which looks best and rare mostly light colors are available but all the colors are light some are really shinny and bright in spite being in different colors. The other one which is the most common and useable one is marble the best part with this stonemason in Sydney is that is so common that all the stones which same texture nearby called by the name of marble no matter its marble or not but they are called from this name, due to best in quality and quite ticker in layers it is use on the walls as well as on the floors, its basic thing is it will remain cool in the hot weather, that is why it is most  preferable in hot areas.  

These days the most useable stone is slate, but people are unaware of it that it’s made of a rock because its texture and quality it don’t seem to be stone, people prefer to use it In brown and black sort of shades which make it unique and its thin but durability make it worth buying, it gives a rough look or in other word brick style looks but it is far much different from bricks, it is best for people who like to have house of bricks but due to some issues after having a brick house they might reject that but through this stones slate it is possible to have that look in a good quality and better benefits. For more information, please log on to